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privoxy: Privoxy - privacy enhancing proxy

Name:privoxy Vendor:RazorsEdge Packaging <>
Version:3.0.12 License:GPL URL:
Privoxy is a web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for protecting privacy, filtering web page content, managing cookies, controlling access, and removing ads, banners, pop-ups and other obnoxious Internet junk. Privoxy has a very flexible configuration and can be customized to suit individual needs and tastes. Privoxy has application for both stand-alone systems and multi-user networks. Privoxy is based on the Internet Junkbuster.

Arch: i386
Build Date:Sun Dec 13 13:16:38 2009
Packager:RazorsEdge Packaging <rpmpackaging{%}razorsedge{*}org>
Size:1.65 MiB


* Tue Apr 21 19:00:00 2009 RazorsEdge Packaging <rpmpackaging{%}razorsedge{*}org> 3.0.12-1
- Updated to version 3.0.12.
- Replaced standard.action with match-all.action.
* Sun Aug 24 19:00:00 2008 RazorsEdge Packaging <rpmpackaging{%}razorsedge{*}org> 3.0.10-1
- Removed reference to txt docs.
- Updated to version 3.0.10.
* Sat Apr 19 19:00:00 2008 RazorsEdge Packaging <rpmpackaging{%}razorsedge{*}org> 3.0.8-1
- Updated to version 3.0.8.

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