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mondo-doc: Documentation for Mondo Rescue

Name:mondo-doc Vendor:RazorsEdge Packaging <>
Version:2.2.4 License:GPL URL:
Documentation for Mondo Rescue

Arch: noarch
Build Date:Thu Jul 19 17:39:51 2007
Packager:RazorsEdge Packaging <rpmpackaging{%}razorsedge{*}org>
Size:43.20 MiB


* Fri Jul 6 19:00:00 2007 Bruno Cornec <bruno{%}mondorescue{*}org> 2.2.4-1.rhel5
- Updated to 2.2.4
- Size of DVD is 4482 (or more surely 4480 to avoid problems - used everywhere) (Bruno Cornec)
- New Hardware migration guide with P2V (Eric Montaut/Gallig/Renaud/Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a memory allocation bug where strings were freed to early (Nick Hajek)
- yum support added to ftp server (Mark Nienberg/Bruno Cornec)
- Also computes number of media for NFS backups (Patrick Albert/Bruno Cornec)
- Improve message around ISO directory (Patrick Albert/Bryan Gartner)
- Improved Ubuntu support (Fix #159) (Bruno Cornec)
- Improved VMWare ESX supoprt (Amaury Tanquerel/Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug (hang #136) when no floppy available (Bruno Cornec)
- Adds OCFS support in -N (Bruno Cornec)
- Reduce log file verbosity in sort phase (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a spelling error (James Cameron/Bruno Cornec)
- mondo rpm pkg depends on buffer and cdrecord (Vincen Danen/Bruno Cornec)
- Adds -p option support to mondorestore (Fix #114) (Bruno Cornec)
- Adds support for Boot loader in partitions (Fix #117) (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug where Unallocated space was considered as an error (Bruno Cornec)
- MINDI_CACHE set to /var/cache/mindi new location of mindi images instead of /root/images/mindi (Andree Leidenfrost)
- Fix bug #158 (cummings)
- Do not use mindi-boot.2880.img (which may not exist) anymore in mondorestore (Bruno Cornec)
- get_architecture now returns correctly the built arch used (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug in mondoarchive for UUID support of /boot (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug for mountlist creation (UUID wasn't printed)
- Build process now creates yum and urpmi repositories for the respective rpm based distros (Bruno Cornec)
* Thu Apr 26 19:00:00 2007 Bruno Cornec <bruno{%}mondorescue{*}org> 2.2.3-1.rhel5
- Updated to 2.2.3
- Fix a critical bug where bzip2 files where not considered during restore (Dale Tronrud/Scott Cummings)
* Mon Apr 16 19:00:00 2007 Bruno Cornec <bruno{%}mondorescue{*}org> 2.2.2-1.rhel5
- Updated to 2.2.2
- Log files are now consistent: mondoarchive.log for mondoarchive (containing also mindi.log) and mondorestore.log for mondorestore (copied from /tmp (ram) to /var/log (disk) at the end of the restore) (Bruno Cornec)
- Script label-partitions-as-necessary now works correctly for LABEL and UUID (Bruno Cornec)
- Remove useless script compare-me (Bruno Cornec)
- Some FreeBSD fixes (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug where losetup is called with only one parameter (#140) (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a core dumped when a Big file doesn't exist an can't be created (Nic Watson/Bruno Cornec)
- support UUID in mondorestore (Fix #103) (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug in size computation for cciss and similar devices needing a p before their partition name (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix 2 references to grep -x (Fix for #96) (Bruno Cornec)
- Add build support for Mandriva 2007.1, RREL 5 and Debian 4.0 (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug on is_this_raid_personality_registered (John Pearson/Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug with raid5 arrays synchronization (RĂ©mi Bondoin)
- Tape support improvements (Benoit Donnette/Michel Loiseleur)
- Handle no compression + verify correctly (Scott Cummings)
- various HOWTO fixes (Mike Kinney)
- Fix temporarily a bug when a biggiefile > 32MB was compressed below the size
of a slice (16MB) (Michel Loiseleur/Bruno Cornec)
- Better module loading in insmod_crucial_modules (Andree Leidenfrost)
- Improve Gentoo packaging (Linos)
- Small typo fix for mondorestore man page (petes-bugs)
- Small memory management improvements (Michel Loiseleur/Bruno Cornec)
- Store NFS config only once (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a flaw in libmondo-mountlist.c (there since rev [1] !!) (Bruno Cornec)
- Increased MAX_STR_LEN to 384 to make it divisible without remainder by eight
for 64 bits platforms (Andree Leidenfrost)
- Fix a bug where no bzip2 format file would be found when supporting gzip (Andy Wright)
- CentOS fixes (Andy Wright)

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