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z-push-searchldap: LDAP search backend provider for Z-Push

Name:z-push-searchldap Vendor:RazorsEdge Packaging <>
Version:2.2.1 License:AGPLv3 with exceptions
Release:1.el6 URL:
The z-push-searchldap contains the LDAP search backend provider for Z-Push. If you want to perform search requests (Global Address Book search) in an LDAP directory rather the default search functionality provided by the data backend, you will need to install this package.

Arch: noarch

Build Date:Wed Jun 3 08:34:34 2015
Packager:RazorsEdge Packaging <rpmpackaging{%}razorsedge{*}org>
Size:11 KiB


* Mon Jun 1 05:00:00 2015 RazorsEdge Packaging <rpmpackaging{%}razorsedge{*}org> 2.2.1-1
- Upgrade to 2.2.1
* Mon Jun 30 05:00:00 2014 Robert Scheck <robert{%}fedoraproject{*}org> 2.1.3-1
- Upgrade to 2.1.3
* Tue May 27 05:00:00 2014 Robert Scheck <robert{%}fedoraproject{*}org> 2.1.2-1
- Upgrade to 2.1.2

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