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clamav: End-user tools for the Clam Antivirus scanner

Name:clamav Vendor:RazorsEdge Packaging <>
Version:0.95.2 License:GPLv2 URL:
Clam AntiVirus is an anti-virus toolkit for UNIX. The main purpose of this software is the integration with mail servers (attachment scanning). The package provides a flexible and scalable multi-threaded daemon, a command line scanner, and a tool for automatic updating via Internet. The programs are based on a shared library distributed with the Clam AntiVirus package, which you can use with your own software. The virus database is based on the virus database from OpenAntiVirus, but contains additional signatures (including signatures for popular polymorphic viruses, too) and is KEPT UP TO DATE.

Arch: src
Build Date:Sun Sep 6 16:12:15 2009
Packager:RazorsEdge Packaging <rpmpackaging{%}razorsedge{*}org>
Size:24.03 MiB


* Sun Aug 23 19:00:00 2009 RazorsEdge Packaging <rpmpackaging{%}razorsedge{*}org> 0.95.2-1
- Upgrade to 0.95.2.
- Re-enable unrar support.
* Fri Apr 10 19:00:00 2009 Robert Scheck <robert{%}fedoraproject{*}org> - 0.95.1-1
- Upgrade to 0.95.1 (#495036, #495039) and enabled IPv6 support
- Fixed typo in SysV initscript which removes 'touch' file (#473513)
- Added build requirement to ncurses-devel for clamdtop
* Tue Dec 2 19:00:00 2008 Robert Scheck <robert{%}fedoraproject{*}org> - 0.94.2-1
- Upgrade to 0.94.2 (#474002)

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