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mondo: A program which a Linux user can utilize to create a rescue/restore CD/tape

Name:mondo Vendor:RazorsEdge Packaging <>
Version:2.2.3 License:GPL URL:
Mondo is a GPL disaster recovery solution to create backup media (CD, DVD, tape, network images) that can be used to redeploy the damaged system, as well as deploy similar or less similar systems.

Arch: i386
Build Date:Thu May 3 14:53:41 2007
Packager:RazorsEdge Packaging <rpmpackaging{%}razorsedge{*}org>
Size:1.79 MiB


* Thu Apr 26 19:00:00 2007 Bruno Cornec <bruno{%}mondorescue{*}org> 2.2.3-1.rhel5
- Updated to 2.2.3
- Fix a critical bug where bzip2 files where not considered during restore (Dale Tronrud/Scott Cummings)
* Mon Apr 16 19:00:00 2007 Bruno Cornec <bruno{%}mondorescue{*}org> 2.2.2-1.rhel5
- Updated to 2.2.2
- Log files are now consistent: mondoarchive.log for mondoarchive (containing also mindi.log) and mondorestore.log for mondorestore (copied from /tmp (ram) to /var/log (disk) at the end of the restore) (Bruno Cornec)
- Script label-partitions-as-necessary now works correctly for LABEL and UUID (Bruno Cornec)
- Remove useless script compare-me (Bruno Cornec)
- Some FreeBSD fixes (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug where losetup is called with only one parameter (#140) (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a core dumped when a Big file doesn't exist an can't be created (Nic
Watson/Bruno Cornec)
- support UUID in mondorestore (Fix #103) (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug in size computation for cciss and similar devices needing a p before their partition name (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix 2 references to grep -x (Fix for #96) (Bruno Cornec)
- Add build support for Mandriva 2007.1, RREL 5 and Debian 4.0 (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug on is_this_raid_personality_registered (John Pearson/Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug with raid5 arrays synchronization (RĂ©mi Bondoin)
- Tape support improvements (Benoit Donnette/Michel Loiseleur)
- Handle no compression + verify correctly (Scott Cummings)
- various HOWTO fixes (Mike Kinney)
- Fix temporarily a bug when a biggiefile > 32MB was compressed below the size
of a slice (16MB) (Michel Loiseleur/Bruno Cornec)
- Better module loading in insmod_crucial_modules (Andree Leidenfrost)
- Improve Gentoo packaging (Linos)
- Small typo fix for mondorestore man page (petes-bugs)
- Small memory management improvements (Michel Loiseleur/Bruno Cornec)
- Store NFS config only once (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a flaw in libmondo-mountlist.c (there since rev [1] !!) (Bruno Cornec)
- Increased MAX_STR_LEN to 384 to make it divisible without remainder by eight
for 64 bits platforms (Andree Leidenfrost)
- Fix a bug where no bzip2 format file would be found when supporting gzip (Andy Wright)
- CentOS fixes (Andy Wright)
* Sat Dec 23 19:00:00 2006 Bruno Cornec <bruno{%}mondorescue{*}org> 2.2.1-1.rhel5
- Updated to 2.2.1
- Fix a memory allocation bug in gen_aux_list (Klaus Ade Johnstad/Andree Leidenfrost)
- fedora core 6 and suse 10.2 support added in build process (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug where grub.conf was a symlink (Bruno Cornec)
- mondo now supports gzip compression format (-G option) (#113) (Bruno Cornec)
- ACL and XATTR are now NOT backed up anymore by default. Should increase mondoarchive speed. To handle them as before, please use the -z option. Fix Bug #63 (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug in libmondo-fifo.c where potentially no buffer content could let mondo runni ng forever in case of an exception (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug where ps (busybox) and ps (system) do not give PID in the same column (Bruno Cornec)
- TAG is now per package (Bruno Cornec)
- Add CentOS build support (Andy Wright/Bruno Cornec)
- Fix bug #89 (env var were queried too early, and not ncessarily in PXE mode) (Bruno Cornec)
- fix #66 (setfacl not existing => no error) (Bruno Cornec)
- Removal of grep -w|-x during restore as not supported by busybox fixes bug #101 (Alfred Chua/Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug with DVD+RW format, when mondo asks for retry without success indifinitely (Mariano Aliaga)
- Fix Bug #90 mondoarchive fails when using space in the prefix (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix Bug #87 LABEL= swap does not come online after mondorestore (Bruno Cornec)
- Source directory for mondo is now src (compatibility with trunk) (Bruno Cornec)

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