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pwsafe: Unix commandline program that manages encrypted password databases

Name:pwsafe Vendor:RazorsEdge Packaging <>
Version:0.2.0 License:GPL URL:
pwsafe is a unix commandline program that manages encrypted password databases. Features: * Pure command-line operation if desired (good for remote access over ssh) or can interact with X11 selection & clipboard. * Portable, endianess-clean, misaligned-access-free C++. Compiles cleanly on linux, *bsd, macos x, solaris. * Compatible with CounterPane's PasswordSafe Win32 program versions 1.9.x. * Funny comments included in source code.

Arch: i386
Build Date:Mon May 26 23:03:03 2008
Packager:RazorsEdge Packaging <rpmpackaging{%}razorsedge{*}org>
Size:118 KiB


* Fri May 18 19:00:00 2007 RazorsEdge Packaging <rpmpackaging{%}razorsedge{*}org> 0.2.0-1
- Rewrote specfile.
- Built without X11 support.
* Thu Jul 6 19:00:00 2006 Guy Streeter
- Build on FC5
* Fri May 19 19:00:00 2006 -
- update to 0.2.0

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