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logwatch: Analyzes and Reports on system logs

Name:logwatch Vendor:RazorsEdge Packaging <>
Version:7.3.5 License:MIT URL:
Logwatch is a customizable, pluggable log-monitoring system. It will go through your logs for a given period of time and make a report in the areas that you wish with the detail that you wish. Easy to use - works right out of the package on many systems.

Arch: noarch
Build Date:Sat May 19 15:03:58 2007
Packager:RazorsEdge Packaging <rpmpackaging{%}razorsedge{*}org>
Size:1.27 MiB


* Sat May 19 19:00:00 2007 RazorsEdge Packaging <rpmpackaging{%}razorsedge{*}org> 7.3.5-1
- Updated to version 7.3.5.
* Sun Feb 18 19:00:00 2007 RazorsEdge Packaging <rpmpackaging{%}razorsedge{*}org> 7.3.4-1
- Updated to version 7.3.4.
* Wed Dec 20 19:00:00 2006 RazorsEdge Packaging <rpmpackaging{%}razorsedge{*}org> 7.3.2-1
- Updated to version 7.3.2.
- Added init patch from RedHat.

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