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mondo: A program to create a rescue/restore CD/tape

Name:mondo Vendor:RazorsEdge Packaging <>
Version:2.2.6 License:GPL URL:
Mondo is a GPL disaster recovery solution to create backup media (CD, DVD, tape, network images) that can be used to redeploy the damaged system, as well as deploy similar or less similar systems.

Arch: i386
Build Date:Sun Jun 8 13:30:23 2008
Packager:RazorsEdge Packaging <rpmpackaging{%}razorsedge{*}org>
Size:1.72 MiB


* Sat May 31 19:00:00 2008 Bruno Cornec <bruno{%}mondorescue{*}org> 2.2.6-1.rhel5
- Updated to 2.2.6
- Exclude gfs type of FS from backup - Fix #135 (Bruno Cornec)
- Adds OBDR support with -o CLI option and interactive mode - Fix #29 (Bruno Cornec)
- Simplify some function interface with bkpinfo global (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug with g_log_level handled as a string in a msg (Bruno Cornec)
- Attempt to fix problem with SuSE 10.2 boot loader not reinstalled - may also fix other SLES issues reported with the same problem - by mounting /proc and /sys in the chroot during mount_all_devices (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix #250 - Automatic restore with tape is asking questions (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix #244 by ignoring SIGPIPE during big file restore with gzip (Bruno Cornec)
- Renaming of files to be in conformity with stable and ease aplication of patches between branches (Bruno Cornec)
- Fixing broken NFS support in 2.2.5 for rhel5 at least (Kyle Johnson/Bruno Cornec)
- Fix for gentoo (Francesco Talamona/Bruno Cornec)
- Remove all code related to floppies (Bruno Cornec)
- Do not mess with modules.conf anymore. Just use what is in deplist.txt (Bruno Cornec)
- Sharing mondo-cli.c from mondoarchive as libmondo-cli.c for both mondoarchive and mondorestore (Mark Pinkerton)
- Apply patch (Mark Pinkerton)
- Apply a modified version of mondo.libmondo-cli.patch (Mark Pinkerton)
- Extract of mandatory files is now under ./tmp/.. instead of tmp/.. as we use tar to create the all.tar.gz (Bruno Cornec)
- Removes the useless uid field of the mountlist_line struct (Bruno Cornec)
- Some valgrind fixes (Bruno Cornec)
* Sat Mar 22 19:00:00 2008 Bruno Cornec <bruno{%}mondorescue{*}org> 2.2.5-1.rhel5
- Updated to 2.2.5
- Remove floppy support from mondo (Bruno Cornec)
- mondoarchive now really excludes /tmp by default (Bill R. Williams)
- Postpone removal of tmpdir to avoid error messages at end (Bruno Cornec)
- Replace some sprintf by asprintf, searching for a core dumped bug at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
- Gentoo ebuild fixes Cf: (Francesco Talamona)
- Adds the possibility to increase debug level at restore time with a -K option (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix BigFile support when one bigfile is deleted during the archiving (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix NFS mount problem (Bruno Cornec)
- Removal of locate usage completely from code to use find (Bruno Cornec)
- Never tries to eject a NFS media (Brian McKee)
- Only ask for size in NFS mode at backup time (Brian McKee)
- Adds support for alb/aft types of bonding on Intel cards (Mark Pinkerton)
- Adds Fedora 8 and Ubuntu 7.10 build support (Bruno Cornec)
- Do not mount /boot if it's already mounted - avoids ESX hang (Bruno Cornec)
- Use RESTORE consistently across mondo to restore without interaction (Takeshi Shoji/Bruno Cornec)
- Remove dummy file created on NFS (Arnaud Tiger/Bruno Cornec)
- Adds full UUID support, especially with Ubuntu 7.10 (Bruno Cornec)
- Create MONDO_CACHE and use it everywhere + creation at start (Bruno Cornec)
- Add USB Key button to Menu UI (CD streamer removed) (Bruno Cornec)
- Add USB disk/key support (Bruno Cornec)
- Attempt to fix error messages on tmp/scratch files at the end by removing those dir at the latest possible (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug linked to the size of the -E param which could be used (Arnaud Tiger/René Ribaud)
- Build process adapted to use pb (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix #137 and #3 issue with large exclude list (> 1000 chars) (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix #191 edition of mountlist in compare mode (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix partially #197 count deleted files in compare (Scott Cummings/Bruno Cornec)
- Fix some some valgrind errors (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug where df was using locale to print messages and wasn't filtered correctly (Bruno Cornec)
- Add mkdtemp checked in configure (Bruno Cornec)
- reset_bkpinfo creates a tmpdir with mkdtemp in setup_tmpdir, takes in account TMPDIR and TMP (Bruno Cornec)
- Render bkpinfo global (Bruno Cornec)
- Use bkpinfo->tmpdir instead of /tmp or MINDI_CACHE when appropriate to fix security issues (Andree Leidenfrost/Bruno Cornec)
- replace vi with find_my_editor during restore (Andree Leidenfrost)
- Fix #195 broken Compare with gzip (Scott Cummings)
- Fix #194 automatically rebooting at the end of PXE restore process (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix #190 mondo-restore replaced by mondorestore (veelo)
- /tmp => /var/log for mondorestore.log (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix gentoo issues again (Francesco Talamona)
- Fix #187 Non-matching file list doesn't work in GUI mode in Compare mode (Scott Cummings)
- Fix a bug in interactive mode on ia64 where lilo wasn't forced (Bruno Cornec)
- Add support of Debian ia64 (Bruno Cornec)
- Improve ia64 support for SLES (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix #179 core dump (Bruno Cornec)
- Add the possibiilty to edit in interactive mode mtab and for grub (Bruno Cornec)
- Remove blkid cache files after restore to avoid problems in cloning mode (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix #185 buggy hack-fstab for LABEL and UUID support (Bruno Cornec)
* Fri Jul 6 19:00:00 2007 Bruno Cornec <bruno{%}mondorescue{*}org> 2.2.4-1.rhel5
- Updated to 2.2.4
- Size of DVD is 4482 (or more surely 4480 to avoid problems - used everywhere) (Bruno Cornec)
- New Hardware migration guide with P2V (Eric Montaut/Gallig/Renaud/Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a memory allocation bug where strings were freed to early (Nick Hajek)
- yum support added to ftp server (Mark Nienberg/Bruno Cornec)
- Also computes number of media for NFS backups (Patrick Albert/Bruno Cornec)
- Improve message around ISO directory (Patrick Albert/Bryan Gartner)
- Improved Ubuntu support (Fix #159) (Bruno Cornec)
- Improved VMWare ESX supoprt (Amaury Tanquerel/Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug (hang #136) when no floppy available (Bruno Cornec)
- Adds OCFS support in -N (Bruno Cornec)
- Reduce log file verbosity in sort phase (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a spelling error (James Cameron/Bruno Cornec)
- mondo rpm pkg depends on buffer and cdrecord (Vincen Danen/Bruno Cornec)
- Adds -p option support to mondorestore (Fix #114) (Bruno Cornec)
- Adds support for Boot loader in partitions (Fix #117) (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug where Unallocated space was considered as an error (Bruno Cornec)
- MINDI_CACHE set to /var/cache/mindi new location of mindi images instead of /root/images/mindi (Andree Leidenfrost)
- Fix bug #158 (cummings)
- Do not use mindi-boot.2880.img (which may not exist) anymore in mondorestore (Bruno Cornec)
- get_architecture now returns correctly the built arch used (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug in mondoarchive for UUID support of /boot (Bruno Cornec)
- Fix a bug for mountlist creation (UUID wasn't printed)
- Build process now creates yum and urpmi repositories for the respective rpm based distros (Bruno Cornec)

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